Phreesia hosted CF-5A's webinar

The CF-5A's webinar is an overview of the project that was hosted by Phreesia and presented to their users across the U.S. in spring 2016. Presenters were Jason Satterfield PhD, Principal Investigator, and Nicole Appelle MD, Co-investigator.  

Through the webinar viewers learn:

  • The Computer Facilitated-5A's (CF-5A'S) history, background and why it is effective
  • The clinical value of using the CF-5A's and its health impact
  • How to integrate the CF-5A's survey assessment and intervention process at your clinic
  • Practical implementation steps from the patient to the clinical encounter and follow-up
  • The resources and support available for CF-5A's smoking cessation success

Click HERE to listen and to view the CF-5A's webinar presentation.