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Welcome to the Computer-Facilitated 5A's Intervention for Smoking Cessation website. Thank you for checking us out! 

This site provides PhreesiaPad users a one-stop tool-box of information, resources, and training materials to successfully implement and deliver the  evidence-based Computer-Facilitated 5A's (CF-5A's) intervention for smoking cessation.  By using this site, a clinic practice has the ability to successfully program tablets, prepare and train staff, and roll-out the CF-5A's Intervention to help patients successfully quit smoking while saving provider and staff time. This tool-box provides information on the effects of smoking, addresses cessation with the CF-5A's intervention, provides information on  how it works, how to set it up,  and how to implement and sustain the practice. Please feel free to contact us to give feedback on what you think of the site and how we can improve it or the CF-5A's in general.

We invite you to take a website tour which may be quicker than browsing. These tailored tours focus on three professional clinic groups to guide clinicians and staff to the website sections they might find most relevant and helpful. To start, select the role that best represents you and click the first step at the top of the column. Tour pages that follow indicate progress status at the the bottom of each page including what steps have been taken and what steps remain. Once a page is reviewed click on the link indicating "next step" of your tour list. You can also review and go back by clicking on the previous step(s). Enjoy! 

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