About the 5A's and the CF-5A's

This menu explores the "gold standard" clinical practice guideline for the 5A's for smoking cessation. (1)  Although the 5A's has been proven effective, patients often do not receive the intervention or only receive an incomplete version of it. (2) The Computer-Facilitated 5A's (CF-5A's) was created to address the problems of limited provider and staff time, lack of familiarity with cessation resources, and low provider confidence in providing behavioral counseling. The CF-5A's uses PhreesiaPad technology to do much of the work for the providers then creates tailored guides for both the patient and provider suggesting next steps and highlighting available resources. Click the links below to learn more. 

Goals and Philosophy 

The 5A's and CF-5A's 

Advantages of using the CF-5A's 

Clinical significance