Mock run-throughs

Mock run-throughs for the CF-5A’s Intervention roll-out (~25 minutes)
Once PhreesiaPad programming is set as requested, we recommend hands-on mock run-through training for providers and staff, which can be integrated with the training exercises, objectives 2 - 4, for providers and staff. It is unlikely that an entire appointment would be dedicated to a CF-5A's Intervention. However, for intervention delivery practice we recommend two or three mock run-throughs of just the intervention, which will take less time with each iteration. Once provider and staff confidence of intervention delivery has improved and integrated into appointments as an ongoing practice, timing of the intervention's delivery has averaged around 5-6 minutes.   
  1. Mock run-throughs should consist at minimum of two completions, beginning with the patient check-in, through appointment, to “arranging” patient follow-up and providing resources.
  2. Mock run-throughs are to be completed by providers and staff in their actual roles. A  staff member can play the role of the different patients at each run-through, i.e.
    • Existing patient - heavy smoker wanting to quit.
    • New patient to the practice who is not yet ready to quit, in Spanish (?).
    • Annual physical for patient unsure of their readiness to quit… or create your own mock patient.
Fractal cube with light running through a hole

A fractal run-through. Image by Pixabay. 

 Feel free to print out provider and staff training modules and other materials for referencing during run-throughs. There are many tools available to support the training experience and roll-out. Also available are resources, therapies and follow-ups. 
Once training roles of provider, clinic staff, and mock patient are established, mock run-throughs can begin by following steps below. (For training consistency, patient and provider roles should use printouts not PDFs. If PDFs or EMRs are what the clinic chose then please see printouts and PDFs and adjust training steps for their use.) PDFs samples below can be used for run-throughs. However, It may be more fitting to use a set of printouts (from programming and testing results) that are more suitable for your clinic and patient profile. 
Starting a mock run-through
  1. A mock patient checks in for their primary care appointment. 
  2. A staff members invites them to take the CF-5A’s Intervention survey on the PhreesiaPad. Patient agrees, completes the CF-5A's, and informs the staff when finished.
  3. Staff retrieves the three hard copies from the printer and gives the Smoking Health Assessment (page 3) to the mock patient, and places the Smoking Cessation Guide and Provider Reference Guide (page 1 and 2) in the patient’s chart for the provider.
  4. Patient reviews their printout and takes it with them when called to the exam room.
  5. Provider enters exam room, greets patient and reviews their Smoking Cessation Guidepage 1 of 3, to learn of patient’s smoking cessation needs and level of quitting readiness, (similar info on patient's printout.)
  6. Based on the patient's needs indicated in the Smoking Cessation Guide, the provider initiates a conversation to continue “assisting” them at their quitting readiness level. The provider uses the prompts as needed from top half of the Provider Reference Guide printout, page 2 of 3. The 5A’s video on motivational interviewing for provider can be useful and applied here.
  7. The provider follows the Smoking Cessation Guide and checks off the boxes in the left column as discussion points with patient are made and agreed upon.
  8. As the decision is made by patient to quit (or not), a plan and quit date can be discussed and established. Provider may assess and discuss therapy options if appropriate. For prescription options, the provider can refer to Provider Reference Guide, page 2 of 3, and to the optimizing therapies page. A prescription for NRT and/or medications may be provided to the patient at this time.
  9. As the CF-5As smoking cessation “conversation” and appointment comes to a close, the provider will arrange a follow-up visit, will sign off at the bottom of patient’s Smoking Health Assessment, and provide the patient with appropriate resources. Arranging appointment follow-ups and resources can also be arranged by a staff -- this is up to provider's discretion.
  10. Patient is thanked and congratulated for reinforcement and motivation on their path to quitting smoking success. Completion of a mock run-through!

After two or three mock run-throughs, provider(s) and staff will become familiar with the intervention delivery process and flow. Once confidence and comfort levels are established, then it is time to integrate and roll-out the CF-5A's intervention for smoking cessation with real patients. Good luck and good practice!