Arranging follow-ups

The importance of  “arranging” for follow-up after "assisting"

Most smokers try to quit many times before succeeding, and close follow-up with smokers attempting to quit is critical for identifying and addressing difficulties in the quitting process. The delivery of the 5A's (ask, assess, advise, assist, arrange) to completion is an evidence-based gold standard for smoking cessation.(1)  Patients who receive all 5A's significantly increase their odds of quitting smoking.(2)  

With the innovation of the CF-5A's screening assessment on the PhreesiaPad, the first four A's are conveniently addressed prior to the patient-provider encounter. This helps prepare the provider to then “assist” a patient based on their readiness to quit, and to "arrange" a follow-up to discuss progress or roadblocks in their quit plan for those trying to quit, or for re-assessing readiness for those not ready to quit. It also provides an opportunity for providers and clinic staff to provide patients with resources they can use to help them quit between visits.

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