Intervention training for CF-5A's

Desert scene with bicyclists training

Training for improvement. Image by Pixabay.

Now that your practice is ready to implement the CF-5A’s Intervention and PhreesiaPad programming is complete, clinical and administrative training for effective patient delivery is needed. Clinical training includes a review of the 5A's and CF-5A's, smoking cessation techniques and tips, and ways to access local and national cessation resources.  Although the PhreesiaPad does most of the CF-5A's "work", we have found it helpful for the providers to understand what the PhreesiaPad does and why and how they can best use the generated provider handout.  Administrative training for staff helps iron out the clinic flow details including important issues like getting the patient started, distribution of patient responses and assisting the provider. The links below provide intervention training modules for providers and staff, as well as mock run-through steps. CF-5A's training objectives are for Providers and staff to: 1.) Learn the 5A's and how to effectively deliver the CF-5A’s Intervention; 2.) Become acquainted with the CF-5A’s Intervention materials, process, and clinic flow; 3.) Build confidence in CF-5A's delivery by practicing intervention steps through role playing and mock run-throughs.

Training and mock run-through module for providers 

Training and mock run-through module for clinic staff 

Intervention mock run-throughs 


Remember that there are many tools on this site to help refresh and guide the CF-5A’s delivery experience. To compliment your training process refer to or print out any materials that may be helpful, such as the clinic training guide for providers and for staff, intervention resources, optimizing therapies and follow-ups...