PDFs and printouts (and EHRs)

Generating PDF files and printouts
Once a patient completes the CF-5A's Intervention assessment on the PhreesiaPad a three-page PDF file will be generated. Depending on clinic set up with Phreesia these PDF files can be printed, saved as an electronic health record or simply left as electronic files.
Electronic health records (EHR)
Some EHR systems are compatible with Phreesia and have ability to integrate these documents into a patient's EHR. If a clinic would like to request that these documents be automatically be programmed to integrate with an EHR system from the PhreesiaPads, check clinic's EHR compatibility status with a Phreesia IT representative. Clinics can follow the PDF file instructions below as approximate EHR guidance

To access results in PDF format

1.) Log onto Phreesia dashboard and go to “checked-in” page.

2.) Click on patient’s name and a “Patient Menu” will drop down.

3.) Click on “Open / Save,” then in that drop-down menu click on “NonCalifornia Smoking cessation.” A 3-page PDF with patient’s name will download.

4.) Provider and staff can then view these documents electronically, save to their EHR, print them out, and or email patient their page-3 copy.

Printing a complete or partial PDF file

To print a partial file of one or two of three PDF pages

1.) Right click on the PDF document then click on “print” in the drop-down menu. The printer page will appear with PDF document displayed.

2. In page range field enter “3” for patient's page, “1-2” for provider's pages or "1-3" for all three pages, then click “print.”

Saving a partial PDF file

To save a partial file of 1 or 2 of the 3 PDF pages

1.) Find the “Destination” section within the “print” page and click “Change…” option. A drop-down menu will appear.

2.) Check “Save as PDF” option in the drop-down and the file of page(s) selected will download. (Note: “Adobe PDF” option may also be located in the “Printer” drop-down menu.)

Staff can now print or save a one, two and three page PDF document. See examples below.

What to do with printouts/PDF file? See training sections for providers and clinic staff.