Implementing the Computer Facilitated 5A's (CF-5A's)

Blue & white graphic image of multiple action frames

21st century implementation. Image by Pixabay.



This is where the fun really starts. In these three menu sections are all the tools and materials needed to implement the CF-5A’s Intervention fro smoking cessation in clinics using the PhreesiaPad. To provide a comprehensive implementation flow each menu section builds on the next, starting with the larger general framework then to more detailed components. 




They include  
  • A clinic's readiness assessment for implementation
  • PhreesiaPad programming and testing
  • Intervention training for providers and staff 
  • Patient and provider materials generated 
  • Patient, provider and staff resources
  • Optimizing cessation therapies
  • Arranging follow-ups
  • CF-5A's and Phreesia support
  • Billing
  • Electronic health records
  • Measuring success
  • Quality improvement
  • Sustaining the CF-5A's
  • Frequently asked questions