Testimonials of the CF-5A's experience

Study participants of the Computer-Facilitated 5A's (CF-5A's) included patients, primary care providers and clinical staff. During the final phase of the yearlong project the participants were interviewed about their CF-5A's experience. Here is what a few had to say: 

People in clinics are talking. Image by Pixabay.


Patients that took the CF-5A's Intervention assessment on the PhreesiaPad and saw their provider said...

"It can help a lot of people… you don’t think about that kinda stuff while you’re sitting in the doctor’s office."

"It was helpful for my health."

"Doctors don’t ask you that kind of stuff."

Primary care providers who received the printouts and saw patients said...
"I think the [CF-] 5A's intervention for me makes a lot of theoretical sense… by assessing where your patient is in terms of their ability to quit and then using this parallel algorithm to get them there."
"The information sheet that prompted the conversation was helpful."

"Some patients came from the waiting room really ready to talk about quitting."


Healthcare staff that interact with patients in the clinical waiting areas and exam rooms said...

“Instead of going from paper to computer and data entry, you have this [tablet]... I think it prevents more data error... and it makes it more high tech...'Cause everything's moving towards electronic anyway..."

"[Patients] are able to to receive something tangible they can take with them that's tailored to their answers…it's great!"

"It gave patients something positive to do while they were waiting."